Two girls with the same idea but different backgrounds.
Elena (Brazilian) and Nanjika (Caribbean – French) met during their first year of fashion school in Paris. Early on, they nourished the dream of creating a brand that would gather their common universe but distinct backgrounds.
Elena also studied in Milan where she developed a taste for embroideries and detailed fabric works, which also led her to specialise in lingerie.
Before studying fashion, Nanjika graduated as a graphic designer in South Africa, where she developed her taste for colourful prints.
Through TOKEN, they wanted to create a textured, playful and detailed universe.
The stage is a great inspiration for Token, inspired by the 80’s and its greatest style icons, such as Madonna, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson.
It is for people who love experiencing through clothing, and express each chord of their personality through a different outfit. It is festive and street.
Token makes signature pieces that people can fully make their own. Just like when they go to a vintage store. It’s about making this “big find” and finding the piece that represent who you are. It’s about discovering and owning it.